Most Popular Girls Names for 2011

Posted on by Uki

So today, here are the 20 top Australian girls names for 2011 as per the survey by  Last night we published the top 20 boys names for 2011 (as per the Baby Center website survey) and today it is time for the girls names to be revealed.  They are:

Chloe, Sophie, Ruby, Charlotte, Olivia, Lily, Ava, Ella, Emily, Mia, Sienna, Amelia, Isabella, Lucy, Zoe, Grace, Isabelle, Maddison, Emma and in no. 20 spot tied was Charlie and Hannah

We love all these names and at Baby Batches have had quite a few of these names on gift cards for the new arrivals.  Let us know any names that weren’t on the list that you love or alternatively, if you have used on of these names recently.