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Posted on by Uki

What girl doesn’t love the tiffany blue boxes….have you ever received a Tiffany gift?  Just the box is beautiful let alone the jewellery inside.  We found these images (via pinterest) and love tiffany cake theme…

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Baby Hampers

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Flowers are lovely, don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love them (hydrangeas are our favourite) but what we can’t understand is why people send flowers to a new mum in hospital.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to send the new parents some baby goods like clothes, bibs, towel etc, something they could use.  And at the end of the new mum’s hospital stay at least some of the flowers sent get donated to the midwives or hospital staff as with other flowers and gifts sent to them, they can’t manage to take everything home.  So the next time you think you should send flowers to the hospital, think again….take a look at our gorgeous baby hampers and baby gifts, the new parents will be delighted!

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Vintage Christening Cupcakes

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Here is a great idea for your Christening/Baptism cake…vintage cupcakes – we absolutely love them! (image via pinterest)

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Christening Decorating

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When planning your child’s Christening/Baptism you have to think of everything, the ceremony is obviously the most important part of the day but the party after can be just as worrying.  Catering for all of your guests whether big or small is a hard one.  We found this image (via pinterest) of Grace’s Christening and fell in love with it…..our christening gifts would be a perfect match for this Christening

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Super Sandwiches

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Okay Mums – saw these cute sandwiches and thought maybe this might do the trick for the kids to eat all their sandwiches…(image via Pinterest)

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Paisley Prints

Posted on by Uki

Wow – we just got our first print from the lovely Jen at Love JK.  It is beautiful and she even put in some extra special christening words as per our request.  We love it.

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State of Origin….

Posted on by Uki

My First Football Navy Winter Hamper is the perfect gift for that future Blues player!!!  Go to to see this hamper.  Go the Blues!!!

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Healthy choice….

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Here at Baby Batches we just LOVE baby shower cakes and dessert tables!!!  The naughtier in calories the better….  Welll, here is one centrepiece for the healthy mum-to-be.  (image via Pinterest)

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Going to a 1st birthday party??

Posted on by Uki

Don’t forget our trendy gifts for 1 year boys and girls!  All packaged in our white gift boxes with grosgrain ribbon – everything is done for you!

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Little Ladybird

Posted on by Uki

This is our very limited edition of Rhubarb hampers – the Little Ladybird suit, bib, muslin wrap, socks, squeaker toy and towel are running out the door.  Be sure to order one for the new little lady…..

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