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Selecting stock for our baby hampers

Posted on by Uki

One of the hardest things we have to do is pick stock from our wonderful suppliers.  We now have quite a few suppliers ranging from baby clothing, toys, towels and even soaps and they all have such a great range, we just wish we could afford to buy everything….but we can’t!  Which makes our job hard as we see all the products and come up with new baby hamper ideas.  We went to the Oobi baby showroom last week and honestly we could have selected everything there we love Oobi clothing so watch out for some baby hampers with the Oobi brand.

We also find it difficult as there are so many cute baby things and we tend to fall in love with everything….we try to keep it even as we can’t forget the little men in our lives, but there is so much out there for girls.

As we said yesterday lots of new baby hampers coming to our online store, once we receive the stock and get it photographed we will share with you all….happy Friday and have a great and safe weekend (the image below is of our best selling baby hamper this week – My little Rocket)

Jane and Liz


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Summer is coming…so are new baby hampers!

Posted on by Uki

The weather is warming up….finally and so that means new stock for Baby Batches and new baby hampers!

We have been so busy working out gorgeous summer baby hampers and have got a lot of new designs on board so there will be a lot of colour and more choices.

We have had so much fun picking and choosing the summer stock so can’t wait to show everyone what we have come up with for our Summer 2012 baby hampers

Liz and Jane




Posted on by Uki

Do you love Oobi clothing???  Well here at Baby Batches HQ – we are so excited to let you know that we have put through an amazing order for our baby hampers.  Stay tuned and we are sure you will love our new hampers coming very very soon…..


Posted on by Uki

Today is a lovely lazy Sunday but the wheels are ticking over time here at  We are currently trialling some new baby hampers and taking mock photos.  Such a lovely day and now time for a break.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Lots of love, L&J

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New baby hampers at Baby Batches

Posted on by Uki

OMG!!!  We have been so busy meeting up every weekend to design more baby hampers for you all.  Our stock is changing and it is soooo much fun designing more stories for our hampers and baby gifts.  Yesterday we put through an amazing order for clothes we know you will love – so stay tuned over the next few weeks…..


Posted on by Uki

We have been talking lately about new products we are getting for summer for our baby hampers but we can’t go past our favourite baby hampers and more often than not, our best sellers.

The Summer Essentials baby hamper for boys and girls is a great seller for us but unfortunately we have sold out of the boy hampers.  The girls are still available.

It’s such a classic and we do love this baby hamper!

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Wall Art for Baby Gifts

Posted on by Uki

Wall Art is a popular baby gift for the newborn.

Our friend Jen at Love JK has the most divine wall art which is a unique baby gift and a little different from the rest.

The Paisley Elephant Print for Girls – – is divine for the baby’s nursery or just as a lovely keepsake for the new parents.

Just remember to include the baby’s name and date of birth when ordering this special baby gift and we guarantee that your gift is one the new mum and dad’s favourites….

New Ideas = New Baby Hampers

Posted on by Uki

Once again, lots of planning and lots going on at Baby Batches HQ.  Jane and I met over the weekend to go over the summer products we want to incorporate into baby hampers for our online store.  It was so hard to choose but I think we have worked everything out except for a few little things.  Lots of changes to our baby hampers and lots of trendy new baby hampers coming up.  So lots of ordering stock for us at the moment….we also have new Rhubarb summer clothing arriving shortly so lots of cute new things.

Loving all of the ideas we have come up with and looking forward to sharing with your our new baby hampers over the coming weeks!


Another week of baby hampers

Posted on by Uki

Big week at Baby Batches HQ with lots of baby hampers sent out.  It was fairly even this week between the boy baby hampers and the girl baby hampers…haven’t seen that for a while.  Our baby hampers are the perfect gift for any newborn so we thought we would share our top sellers for this week for both the baby boys and baby girls….what do you think?  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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Baby Hamper Buzzing

Posted on by Uki

We are buzzing here at Baby Batches Central.  After our Melbourne trip to the gift fairs our minds are spinning with new ideas and little projects.  Going through everything again we certainly have made some good leads and can’t wait to share everything with you soon.  We are doing a lot of ordering then will be photographing our hampers and hope to have them up in as little time as possible.  We are also hoping to sell some clothing in bigger baby sizing (like 6-12 months or 12-18 months) so wanted to guage interest….Our baby hampers will have everyone talking they will be the pick of the crop so make sure you keep updated.  Trying to get a newsletter sorted also so lots of work to be done…better get back to it.