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Oobi baby hamper

Posted on by Uki

Well we have another Oobi baby hamper to add to our growing Oobi range of baby hampers….and we just love Oobi and so do our customers.  We sold out so quickly of the last lot of Oobi hampers that we had to take them down from our website while waiting for the new stock and it arrived so thankfully the baby hampers are now back on our website.

What we love most about Oobi is the colourful nappy pants and matching singlets and they are so trendy.

If you give one of these baby hampers below to the new parents, they will be delighted….have to admit these are some of our favourite baby hampers from our range

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New Summer Baby Shower Hampers

Posted on by Uki

We have had a productive weekend at Baby Batches HQ – lots of photos were taken of our newest baby hampers and we have been busy uploading everything to our website so make sure you jump over and take a look!

One of the baby hampers we are so excited about are our new gender neutral summer baby shower hampers.  We have had so many requests for gender neutral gifts so we are so pleased we can finally share them with everyone.  The deluxe baby shower hampers are a great idea for friends throwing in together who are attending their friend or family member’s baby shower.

Here are the baby hampers…

{focus_keyword} New Summer Baby Shower Hampers 037













{focus_keyword} New Summer Baby Shower Hampers 033












{focus_keyword} New Summer Baby Shower Hampers 040
















Australia Day Weekend

Posted on by Uki

Happy Australia Day everyone – we hope you have a lovely long weekend and are either getting up to exciting things or taking the time to relax which is what we plan to do.  Sometime over the long weekend we will be taking some photographs of some new baby hampers and can’t wait to share them.

Stay safe over the long weekend

Liz & Jane

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Oobi Baby Hampers

Posted on by Uki

Great news!! Our Oobi baby hampers are back online….these baby hampers were so popular that they sold out even before summer was over so we had to take them off from our website while waiting for the Oobi shipment to arrive, which it has now so all Oobi baby hampers are back on our website.  Such a great gift idea for the new baby girl, what parent wouldn’t be happy with one of these baby hampers!

{focus_keyword} Oobi Baby Hampers fairyflossdeluxe4














Summer Baby Hampers

Posted on by Uki

Summer is well and truly here so make sure you get your dose of the Baby Batches summer baby hampers while it’s still warm.  Our summer baby hampers have been a huge hit.  In the baby hampers we have been stocking brands such as Milky, Rhubarb, Oobi, Alimrose to name a few and we have had such positive feedback.  We are constantly trying to keep up with trends and will be doing that when putting our winter baby hampers together.  Here are two baby hampers that have been popular over the summer (one for a boy and one for a girl)…


 {focus_keyword} Summer Baby Hampers Photography 17 November 2012 0842










{focus_keyword} Summer Baby Hampers 4 little ducks girl4
















Baby Names

Posted on by Uki

So many babies born over the last few weeks – we almost can’t keep up!!! Some of the lovely baby names receiving some of our gorgeous hampers include – Charlotte, Ben, Sophia, Maya, Callum, Felix, Oscar, Emily, Emma, Phoebe, Joshua, Daniel, Ryan, Sebastian, Zawad, Lily, Lucy, Kai, Nathaniel, Zara, William…and many many more….we hope they all love their new baby hampers from Baby Batches….

Baby Hampers over the Holidays

Posted on by Uki

We are now back from a well deserved week long holiday.  We headed up north and had superb weather, was at the beach every day!

We also had a lovely Christmas and a fun New Years and things didn’t slow down in the baby hamper department.  Lots of babies were born over the festive season.

The Baby Batches team is officially back at work so looking forward to a big year with lots of new baby hampers coming to our website soon.

We hope you all had a lovely holiday and remember if you need any baby gifts this year, don’t forget to go to

Below is a holiday snap of where we went, pure paradise!

Jane and Liz

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