Gifts for One Year Olds

The first birthday is a child's is a special occasion for the parents, but it is also a great time for the child too. They can experience their first big milestone, and are becoming more in tune with the world every day. They will be walking and talking before you know it!


Great Gifts for a Growing Boy or Girl


We now stock a range of gifts for one year olds, including cool and cute pyjamas, dinner set toys, and of course Peepers the Little Lamb toy. For a great baby hamper for one year olds, check out the Baboushka P.Js hamper; complete with bottoms, top, and an adorable little purse.


All of our gifts are beautifully boxed and gift tagged, and you can also add a little something for mum- some chocolates, cosmetics, or champagne to say congratulations to them too. Make a one year old's day special with a luxury baby hamper. Don't see what you are looking for here? Explore our other range of baby hampers.